Safety Hook BKD Offshore

Safety Hook BKD Offshore

The double latch BK-hook with recessed trigger. All BK-type hooks can be supplied with double latch.

Due to the motion of the sea when loading and unloading offshore, direct impact on the hook could cause the latch to unintentionally open when not being under load, risking the load to unhitch. The double latch safety hook has an extra latch retaining the load in this case, keeping both load and personnel safe. 

Double Latch
Should the hook latch accidentally open, either through direct impact or excessive wear on the trigger, the extra latch is there to retain the load safely. The latch does not cause
inconvenience for the operator and may save their lives if something goes wrong.

Recessed Trigger
To avoid the trigger from being hit or damaged it has been recessed into the hook. This prevents the latch further from accidentally opening.

All dimensions in mm.


Detailed information

CAD Part no Code WLL tonnes 4:1 A L B E F G H Weight kgs
Z101154 BKD-13-10 6.8 20 207 44 45 16 30 40 3.265
Z101155 BKD-16-10 10.3 26 254 48 56 20 37 50 6.171
Z101156 BKD-18/20-10 16.0 30 290 52 60 22 44 62 9.715
Z101373 BKD-26-10 OS 27.3 35 345 72 80 25 54 68 16.95
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